Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HimRights) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization committed to defending the rights of poor, marginalized and socially excluded communities and individuals, with a special focus on women, children and youth. .

HimRights Crisis Support Fund

HimRights Crisis Support Fund

HimRights Crisis Support Fund is a social initiative of Staff Members of this organization to support the children who are deprived of basic needs. Our small support fund aims to provide immediate support to vulnerable children. Currently, we are planning to provide educational support to children from Marginalized communities of Dom, Chamar, and Dushad of Bara District so as to protect them from Child Marriage. We all staff humbly request you to join in our initiatives.

HimRights Crisis Support Fund
Laxmi Bank Limited
Patan Branch , Lalitpur ,Nepal
A/c No: 0007 201 0011422

Educational Support to Dalit Children of Bara District.

These five children are from Dom Community of Bara District. They have never attended school. They are unable to go to the school because of their weak financial condition.  One of the parents who make a living by making bamboo products said that she will get her daughter married soon as child marriage is their tradition. She further said, “The bride can stay at her parent’s till she comes to certain age. Older they are, more would be worries of their future and increase amount of dowry.”
Earnings from bamboo products are the only source of their livelihood. The parents are ready to send their kids to school if they get support. One said, “We will send our kids to school and stop child marriage if we get educational support for them.”

HimRights team felt strongly it has to stop and ensure the rights of  these children. HimRights initiated HimRights Crisis Support Fund in which all HimRights staffs contributes the fund every month. With support from this Fund, these children are currently studying in Little Angels Boarding School, Kalaiya. We provided them with school fees, uniform, stationary and books.

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