Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HimRights) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization committed to defending the rights of poor, marginalized and socially excluded communities and individuals, with a special focus on women, children and youth. .

Anti Human Trafficking & Safe Migration
Human trafficking is one of the worst forms of human rights violations; it deprives the victim from rights to life, freedom, dignity, and security. It is modern day slavery expanding for many purposes. HimRights has been implementing programs on prevention of human trafficking, unsafe migration, and violence against women and children in the Makwanpur, Bara, Parsa, and Rautahat districts since 2000.
To prevent human trafficking at a grassroots level, HimRights formed "Nigarani Samuha" Surveillance groups in 2003. There were 76 and 33 surveillance groups in Makwanpur and Bara districts respectively with 1088 members. The main purpose was to raise awareness on human trafficking/safe migration and women’s’ rights issues to their own communities. They play a key role as a watchdog in the community to prevent girls/women from being victim of trafficking or unsafe migration and gender based violence. The groups also conducted trainings and awareness on safe migration and human trafficking at local level. Another key role of Surveillance Groups is lobbying in VDC budget committee. They successfully lobbied in some VDCs to allocate budget for women’s programs. The anti- trafficking activities empowered 30,374 women from Makwanpur, Bara, Rautahat by educating them about women's rights, anti-trafficking, violence against women, related legal rights and procedures, etc. This campaign has empowered women at a grassroots level to speak up for their rights, pursue justice, help others in their community to do the same, and create a micro-credit system with a membership of over 40000 women. Provided education scholarships to 320 circus returnees, vulnerable, conflict-affected, and marginalized girls; 750 women survivors of  armed conflict, gender-based violence, vulnerable to trafficking were provided with income-generation, skill development training, and seed money.

HimRights started “Child Alert, Protection and Prevention of Cross Border Child Trafficking” project in coordination with Plan International Nepal, Makwanpur district in 2012-2014 to prevent children and young people from being trafficked; establish cross-border child friendly track; rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration adopting national standard for Missing Child Alert system; highlight the issues of internal and external trafficking, nationally and internationally and lobby for urgent action to address them.

District and VDC level coordination meetings, trainings, orientations, capacity building programs, rallies and street dramas were successfully conducted followed by formation and strengthening of 29 Village Child Protection Committees and support program. The VDCs allocated budget to VCPC to conduct community awareness activities to protect child rights and women rights. HimRights rescued and reintegrated 52 children from all over India who were brought to Nirdesh Bal Griha, Muzzafarpur, from Makwanpur and other distircts. Similarly, we have developed Makwanpur District Action Plan Against Trafficking for Women and Children Office in coordination with government and non-government organizations.
HimRights Helpline:  Helpline Centers in Makwanpur, Bara, Parsa, and Sindhuli in the District Administration Office to provide information on safe migration processes and distribute Safe Migration Booklet. Many have realized that they were going to be trafficked and opted not to go abroad others migrated with informed choice and followed the government policies. Around 30,000 women and youths have received the safe migration and foreign employment procedure and orientations from helpline centers. District and local level interactions and activities conducted.  Through the helpline centers many have realized that they were going to be trafficked and opted not to go abroad, others have chosen to migrate with an informed choice and followed government policies. HimRights rescued and intercepted internal and external trafficking of 63 women and children to brothels, circus, and hazardous foreign employment including men.

HimRights leads a network of the Human Rights Protection and Anti-Trafficking Network, which is made up of 13 national and district organizations combating trafficking in Banke, Bara, Makwanpur and Parsa; also, it was one of the founders of Alliance Against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN), which works together to advocate for anti-trafficking.

Sexual Violence against Girls Assessment ( SEVA): HimRights conducted the assessment in seven districts of Nepal: Kanchanpur, Kailali, Banke, Bardiya, Dang, Parsa and Bara, (piloted in Makwanpur and Bara). The objective of the assessment was to gain a better understanding of sexual violence against girls and foster dialogue to ensure improved policies and programs to protect children and more specifically girls from sexual violence. We reached to 3000 girls aged 13-18 years (both in school and out-of-school) from eight districts. Boys aged 13-18 years, community leaders, government and non-governmental stakeholders such as CDO, LDO, WDO, DEO, Women Cell officials, district lawyers and representatives of NGOs working on women and children were also the major target groups of the project. This project also explored and documented information on how communities and more specifically girls are affected by sexual violence. It also examined patterns and trends of sexual violence in the community. The docudrama ‘Pabitra’ is produced based on the findings of research and policy brief was produced as a lobbying tool.

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