Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HimRights) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization committed to defending the rights of poor, marginalized and socially excluded communities and individuals, with a special focus on women, children and youth. .

Other Activites
Birth Registration: HimRights promotes Birth Registration, a critical step in obtaining citizenship, which is also a prerequisite to own or inherit land, voter's right and participate in other democratic processes and obtain jobs in the formal sector. Door-to-Door Campaign, Birth Registration Camps and Awareness Programs of birth registration were conducted in Makwanpur,
Bara and Rautahat in coordination with VDCs, Local Development Office and Municipalities. We registered 135,476 births very successful, which was far beyond our targeted numbers, even during the heights of the conflict period. Similarly, IEC materials were distributed at local level to sensitize community on importance of Birth Registration.

Election Observation: HimRights has been part of Election Observation, Monitoring Voter education activities. The activities not only focused on importance of right to vote, promotion of free, fair election but also on child rights violations before, during and after the election. HimRights coordinated the Constituent Assembly Election Observation on behalf of Partnerships for Protecting Children in Armed Conflict (PPCC), 2008 to monitor the child rights violations as well all previous elections- voter’s education and monitoring. PPCC observed the CA election in 17 districts of Nepal and mobilized 117 observers.  PPCC found that many children were used in different stages and in various capacitates. Prior to the election, political parties used children in their campaigning including to write political graffiti, to distribute posters and pamphlets. On the Election Day, children were found to vote. They were also used in victory rally after results were announced. A detailed report of the observation was submitted to the Election Commission, political parties, child rights organizations and relevant government officials.

Health Rights: HimRights in partnership, Youth Welfare Society, Beyond Beijing Committee, ARROW/WHRAP conducted programs on safe abortion: advocacy campaigns, policy dialogues and panel discussions with district stakeholders and the conclusions and findings were submitted to Committees of Constituent Assembly and Ministry of Health through District Development Committee for policy change. HimRights Banke has been involved in monitoring the health rights of local people, we were the first to conduct a fact- finding mission and national media attention on the deaths related to use of uninformed and misuse of elephantiasis drugs.

Youth Action Fund:  HimRights conducted this program to build capacity and leadership development of the youth. Conducted workshops in 33 districts to priorities issues, write proposal and budget and supported through the entire implementation period of each individual project. Many of the participants were successful and integrated in bigger local projects. 80 participants successfully submitted their proposals, awarded, majority USD 1000 each, 2008-2010.

  • Asia Pacific Women's Watch
  • Asia Pacific Resource and Research for Women  (ARROW)/Women’s Health Right Advocacy Program
  • Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)
  • NGO Working Group on Women, Peace, and Security
  • Watchlist in Children in Armed Conflict
  • National:
  • Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Committee (HRTMCC)
  • National Coalition for Children as Zone of Peace and Child Protection (CZOPP)
  • UN Security Council Resolution 1612 -Task Force Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism
  • Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC)
  • NGO Federation Nepal
  • Alliance against Human Trafficking of Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN)
  • Human Rights Alliance
  • National Network for Protection of Human Rights and Anti-Human Trafficking of Makwanpur , Bara, Banke, and Parsa districts.
  • District Coordination Committee, Parsa
  •  Partnerships for Protecting Children in Armed Conflict (PPCC)
  • Mine Action Working Group
  • Peace Building &
    The decade-long armed conflict launched by the Maoists caused erosion of many social values, trust, and solidarity in societies...
  • Anti Human Trafficking &
    Safe Migration
    Trafficking, particularly of women and girls, has been a serious problem since historic times in Nepal.
  • Human
    HimRights has a significant focus in monitoring demonstrations. However, there is difficulty
    in presenting details of all the...
  • Child
    Partnerships for Protecting Children in Armed Conflict (PPCC) has a mandate to monitor and report child rights...
  • Good
    Literally, democracy means "power of the people". Democracy, in terms of practical considerations, is a principle...
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