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22 May 2007, Kathmandu –PPCC is seriously concerned with the prolonged educational shutdown that has affected over 7.8 million students in more than 36000 schools around Nepal. PPCC calls on the Nepal Educational Republic Forum (NERF) to immediately reopen the schools. It is unacceptable for children’s education to be used as a bargaining chip. Forced school closure is an attack against schools and a serious violation of children’s right to education. NERF must find an alternative to forced school closure when raising their grievances with the government.

Additionally, PPCC requests that the Government of Nepal make every effort to ensure that schools are reopened. It is inappropriate for children to be deprived of their rights due to political deadlock of any kind.

‘We are deeply concerned with the educational loss of the millions of students all over Nepal’, said Anjana Shakya, Executive Chairperson of HimRights and member of PPCC. She added, ‘while a democratic state must address the grievances of its citizens, solutions should be sought through dialogue and other alternative methods of protests.’

The current situation has already negatively impacted the education of millions of students. PPCC urges the NERF to immediately reopen the schools and to work with the Government of Nepal to address the concerns of the teacher and student unions. PPCC also urges the Government of Nepal, and the Ministry of Education and Sports in particular, to immediately initiate a dialogue with the teacher and student unions in order to address their concerns. Most importantly, all parties must recognize that improvements to Nepal’s education sector must be premised on a commitment to children’s right to education.

Partnerships for Protecting Children in Armed Conflict (PPCC) is a network of national and international organizations, Advocacy Forum, Backward Society Education (BASE), Community Study and Welfare Centre (CSWC), Concern-Nepal, Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HimRights), Save the Children, Care Nepal and Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict working to protect the rights of children affected by armed conflict.
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    Trafficking, particularly of women and girls, has been a serious problem since historic times in Nepal.
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